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Woodhub on the web

We are welcoming Yaroslav to the team. He will be in charge of the development of the new web version of Woodhub. With projected delivery in 2025.

Evolution of Woodhub at KP Wood


In September 2022, we delivered our first installation of the new Woodhub system to KP Wood. KP Wood is part of the same group of companies as KP Logix. KP Wood represents several major exporters of lumber products from Europe to the American market. The company was founded in 1987, and KP Logix has been a crucial part of their success. Today, they have 23 employees, all of whom use Woodhub. KP Wood is one of KP Logix's largest and most important customers and as long as KP Wood exists and operates Woodmart, Woodmart will exist and continue to develop. Right now, in May 2024, the development of a brand new web version of Woodhub is underway.

Upgrade installed at Kurekss SIA


In October 2023, we upgraded Kurekss SIA to our new system. 

One of Latvia's largest sawmills, Kurekss Sia, which produces about 220,000 m3 on an annual basis, uses Woodmart as the basis for everything it does, even personnel management, salaries, etc.

In parallel with the installation of the Next generation at KP Wood, adaptation of the new version of Woodmart is underway to be installed later in the autumn at Kurekss

Introducing Woodhub

We are proud to announce that in 2022, we introduced the next generation of our product called Woodhub. a cutting-edge system meticulously crafted by Igor Rabinovich, our Chief Technology Officer. As the successor to the original Woodmart, Woodhub boasts a sleeker interface and significantly faster speeds. Built from scratch, Woodhub is a fully integrated, customizable ERP solution designed to empower smart and efficient business operations.

WooHub - Final Logo-04.jpg

New Woodmart Installation in Sweden


AB Rundvirke Marmaverken and Östanåsågen in Hälsingland are both part of Rundvirke Industries AB, Sweden’s largest specialized timber group. AB Rundvirke has an annual production of 50,000 m³ of high-quality pine timber per shift through its processing of stem blocks and rough timber. Östanåsågen, with the same annual volume, has a more traditional production and also processes 70% spruce. Both companies export worldwide.

At the end of February 2022, initial contact was made. By mid-March, a signed contract was in place, and by early May 2022, Woodmart was installed and operational at both AB Rundvirke and Östanåsågen."

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